“Everything we do, we do with dedication"

Silvano Charles “Charlie” Malafaia - President (Degree in Architecture from Silva & Souza University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Marcel Malafaia -Project Manager (Degree in Civil Engineering-R.I.T University-Rochester New York

Marcel Weber C. Malafaia-Degree in Civil Engineering-R.I.T Institute of Technology.

His experience as a Civil Engineer and Project Manager and his passion for construction allows him to guide clients toward the best version of their homes and businesses. He excels in the planning and preparation stages of projects and will get yours off the best start possible.


Elizabeth Weber Malafaia

Office Manager - H.R Department & Advertisement Department.

F.E.F.I University of Londrina-Brazil

Been part of our family business for 20 years allow me to be strong support for our team, making sure our clients are receiving the best service possible.


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